Pumpkin digital 7"

by sethifus



released June 24, 2017



all rights reserved


sethifus Indianapolis, Indiana

I love to write songs, be silly, and entertain.

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Track Name: The Pumpkin (album version)
Plant seeds in late April
They're sprouting in May
and vining all through the summer.
Fragile flowers fluting
bees help them bear fruit
as the weather turns colder and glummer

The harvest is good
our stores overflowing
the rain and sunshine
still feeding and growing the pumpkin

A tern of endearment
it's my new tattoo
around October through November
its seeds are delicious
and so are its pies
mostly gone in the snow of December

A warm smiling face
keeps darkness away
Jack-o-lantern flame
lights what remains of the pumpkin
Track Name: Jack-o-Lantern (CASIO version)
Jack-o-lantern glowing bright
in the pitch-black autumn night
while monsters in the darkness lurk
you set about your solemn work.

Your turnip, gourd, or pumpkin face
will keep the creepers in their place.
From my porch you shine your light
to keep my loved ones safe from fright.

Ghosts and ghouls and morbid fiends
won't dare to cross your flickering gleam
for if they risk it and get seen
they can't play tricks this Halloween.

They're lingering just out of view
until they can sneak up on you
their thirsts and sick cravings to sate
but, for now, they'll have to wait.

The dark ones will be turned away
until darkness burns into the day.
One Jack-o-lantern is enough
unless, of course, your flame is snuffed...